2017 Conference

An aerial view of Portland, Oregon, with mountains in the distance.

About the 2017 Conference

The first ESRA conference was held on July 27th and 28th, 2017, at the University Place Hotel & Conference Center in Portland, Oregon.

The inaugural conference, co-organized by the Early Voting Information Center (now the Elections & Voting Information Center) at Reed College and the Center for Public Service at Portland State University, brought together scholars of political science and election administration to develop rigorous empirical approaches to the study of how laws and administrative procedures affect the quality of elections in the United States. The conference aimed to identify major questions in the field, foster collaboration between election administrators and election scientists, and connect senior and junior scholars. 

Program Co-Chairs


Lonna Atkeson
University of New Mexico


Bernard Fraga
Indiana University

Conference Organizers


Paul Gronke
Reed College


Phil Keisling
Portland State University

2017 Conference Schedule

The cover of the 2017 conference program

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Papers and Final Program

Please click the following link to access information on the papers and presentations from the conference: 

2017 Conference Papers and Presentations

And click the link below to view the final printed conference program:

2017 ESRA Program

Additional Materials

Election administration and reform materials by and for our attendees:

Election reform in California


Public Policy Institute of California 
Voter turnout in the cities
  • Who Votes for Mayor by Jason Jurjevich, Phil Keisling, Kevin Rancik, Carson Gorecki, and Stephanie Hawke
Oregon Motor Voter