2019 Program

An evening view of the Philadelphia skyline from the river.

Paper panels

Polling Places

Voter Registration
Learning from Ballots
Ranked-Choice Voting
Local Elections, Turnout, and Engagement
Public Trust in Elections
Causes and Consequences of Drawing Districts
Laws and Voting Rights


The Future of the Election Administration and Voting Survey
  • David Kuennen (US Election Assistance Commission)
  • Michael Moser (Pennsylvania Dept. of State)
  • Lindsay Nielson (Fors Marsh Group)
  • David Varas Alonso (Fors Marsh Group)
  • Chair: Charles Stewart (MIT)
The Flow of Vote Data on Election Night: Communicating Results
  • Joe Lenski (Edison Research)
  • Scott McDonell (Dane County, WI Clerk’s Office)
  • Joanna J. Thomas (Atlantic County, NJ)
  • Steve Trout (State of Oregon’s Election Division)
  • Chair: Stephen Pettigrew (Univ. of Pennsylvania and NBC News)
The State of Election Reform
  • Henry Atem Oben (US International Center for Electoral Support)
  • Maureen Bugdon (Atlantic County, NJ)
  • Lisa M. Deeley (City of Philadelphia)
  • Jerome Lovato (US Election Assistance Commission)
  • Theresa Williams (Michigan Bureau of Elections)
  • Chair: Marc Meredith (UPenn)