2023 Hotel + Travel Information

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About the 2023 Conference

The 7th Annual Summer Conference on Election Science, Reform, and Administration (ESRA) will be held in person from Wednesday, May 31 to Friday, June 2, at the University of Georgia in Athens, Georgia. 

This page will be updated with information about getting to and staying in Athens for the conference. We look forward to seeing you there!


Getting to the Conference

Where will the conference be held?

The conference will be held at the Georgia Center for Continuing Education on the University of Georgia campus (1197 S Lumpkin St, Athens, GA 30602).

How do you get to Athens?

Some of you may remember the Travelocity commercial where the roaming gnome accidently books a flight to Athens, Georgia instead of Athens, Greece. Unfortunately, this is pure fiction, as the only passenger air service out of the Athens airport involves the Bulldawg football team. Of course, one of the largest airports in the country is a few miles down the road in Atlanta and there are a number of ways to get from the Hartsfield-Jackson airport to Athens:

  • Airport Shuttle: There is a handy airport shuttle service that runs on the hour or half-hour for a total of 31 roundtrips daily. One of the designated stops is, in fact, the Georgia Center where the conference will be held. Roundtrip cost: $98. For more information or to make a reservation visit: https://groometransportation.com/athens/.
  • Rideshare: Lyft or Uber from Atlanta are not all that outrageous, especially if you are splitting it a couple of ways. 
  • Car Rental: There are plenty of options for rental cars at Hartsfield-Jackson airport.

Where to park?

Parking is available just to the north of the Georgia Center at the UGA South Parking Deck, which can be accessed from either Sanford Dr. or South Lumpkin St. (100 W Green St, Athens, GA 30602).

Hotel Info

Where can I stay?

There are a number of hotels close to the conference center in downtown Athens. We've listed a number of them here, with links: